At next few pages we would like to offer you several basic models of machinery for high speed stamping - presses. Punching lines are made in Switzerland for heavy duty non-stop work with minimum maintenance. Only occasional oiling and greasing of bearings and moving parts is all that is required for constant full capacity production. Machines are highly reliable and extremely low cost productivity. On machine you get one feeder which can be set to push or to pull, and it can be mounted on left or right side according your requirement. One feed is more than enough for punching steel strips thickness 0.60 mm and above. If you are going to use machine for punching soft materials or you need to stamp at very high speeds, than you will probably need twin feed to make sure that strip is always correctly added into tool. Another feed can be optionally added and synchronized into process. Most of major world band saw blades producers are using already in their productions.

Presses are capable for huge capacity production of any punched product which can be produced by metal stamping.Only tool is required to be changed and you have completely new product.

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