With each press from us, you get one feeder included in price of machine. For punching at very high speeds of band saw blades strip steel and if you want to achieve 100 % accuracy in teeth pitch we recommend installation of another one feed into same machine, to avoid any chance of sliperry oiled strip to make uneven pitch in any moment in production.

Also for punching thin or soft materials like aluminum or brass sometimes is required to have two feeders on both sides of machines. Our machines are equipped with mounting pad, so it is already predicted for twin feeding mechanism.


Roll Feeder

Made in Swiss, Synchronized easily with punching machine and existing feeder, Powered with main machine eccenter axle through first feeder , Run both directions, forward and reverse...

Silicon SFS Servo feeders

This strip feed unit has been designed to function without parts that are subject to wear, such as brakes and free-wheeling mechanisms. Thus harmful heat generation can be avoided and the unit can operate almost maintenance-free. Thanks to a reduction in the mass forces, the rigid construction, accuratevibration calculations and the input of many years of experience in design and production, the unit has an exceptional feed performance with optimal step accuracy.

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