Max. pressure: 80 Tons 800 kN Speed: -Max.: 1000 1/min -Min.: 100 1/min Mains voltage (with protective conductor): 220 V, 380 V, 440 V Mains frequency: 50 Hz, 60 Hz Power supply: 43 kW Control voltage AC: 24 V Compressed air connection: 6-10 bar Ram position adjustment: 76 mm Average mass of tool upper part: 600 kg Bolster area: -L-R: 950 mm -F-B: 910 mm Ram area: -L-R: 760 mm -F-B: 510 mm Max. tool width clearance (L-R): 970 mm Strip inlet height: -Max.: 160 mm -Min.: 70 mm Feeder bruderer on left side BBV 202/120 Max. strip inlet width: 202 mm Strip feed pitch: 0-120 mm Bed opening: -L-R: 920 mm -F-B: 320 mm Machine dimensions: -Length: 2834 mm -Width: 1742 mm -Height: 3460 mm Bc0b0iws38 -Height with autom. stroke adjustment: 3570 mm -Mass complete with 1 BBV 202: approx. 17.500 kg Dimensions of electrical cabinet: -Length: 1200 mm -Width: 500 mm -Height: 1025 mm -Mass: approx. 250 kg Tonnage meter Toledo onboard on request


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